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Buyers’ Instructions:

Email with “Premade Cover” in the subject. Please read this section fully to ensure that you are able to provide all information in the first message- this will aid Katie in getting your changes to you fast, without need to request further information. Specify the placeholder title of the cover image you wish to purchase. If you desire minor changes such as a different font style for the text, please include that request. Your email should also include your book’s specific relevant details, such as:

Any desired additional text: (Reviewer blurbs, taglines, bestseller credentials, a series name and book number, or logo, if you already have one, or a request to create one)

You will receive a reply clarifying or confirming any necessary details, and an invoice for the appropriate payment. Once that has been paid, Katie will send you the cover with the requested changes. Please note that covers are sold “as is”, and requested changes should be limited to minor tweaks to typography style and appearance. If extensive changes are desired, such as requesting a different hairstyle or color for characters, additional fees may be added depending on the complexity of the change and the time required to execute it.

All covers will be delivered as a high resolution image, and include some additional materials to assist you with marketing: a high-resolution image of the cover without text, and the text treatment on a blank backdrop, to provide ease of creating branded promotional images. If you desire to use the cover as part of a series, and wish to request additional covers with the same character design, please include that in your email, as well as the time schedule you are aiming to release in. Katie frequently uses computer-generated imagery to assist with character design, meaning that on many covers she can easily turn a standalone cover into a series of covers with multiple poses and angles. Images made with stock may have restrictions on series options due to limited amounts of poses available. Please contact to request further details if you are not sure which type of imagery your cover is made with, and wish to discuss series options.

If none of the covers currently available are quite right, check back later, as Katie has new designs pretty often. Or feel free to email to discuss the creation of a custom cover matching your specifications.

All stock imagery used to create these covers is from reputable stock sites such as Dreamstime, Depositphotos, etc. If you are seeking to sell physical swag created using these covers, or use them for extended print runs that exceed these sites’ basic licensing, you will be responsible for buying the proper licensing for your usage. Please include this in your email so that Katie can review the layered file and compile the information for all relevant imagery that you will need to secure expanded licensing for.

If you wish to have a back-and-spine treatment made for paperbacks, please include that in your correspondence with Katie. Katie’s fee for back-and-spine is $50 in addition to the cost of the cover and any additional fees for customization or rush delivery.

Thank you for your interest in Paper Tiger covers. Katie is looking forward to creating beautiful imagery to match your book. Any further questions should be directed to

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