The Fine Print

Your Paper Tiger Swag Package

It is the responsibility of the party providing images (author, publisher or otherwise) to verify that they have the appropriate rights to reproduce the cover design for promotional purposes. This is not limited to permission from the cover designer, but may also extend to the licensing of individual images or elements used in the design. Further, most image licenses require additional fees or extended licenses for images used as a substantial element of an item for sale.

Printing is done by agreed-upon third-party contractors. We are happy to facilitate changes or fixes wherever possible, but are not responsible for delays, damage or other problems with printing.

Designs will be utilized as-is, based upon discussions beforehand and artwork received, so please ensure that there are no typos or problems with the original art. Bundle prices are based upon a flat 3 hours of design time (usually sufficient when a layered art file is provided, such as a PSD or XCF file). Designs that will require more time may require an additional art fee.



Additional Options

Substitutions may be made. However, a $5 convenience fee will apply for every substitution, and customer will pay the difference for any substitutions made.

Shipping swag directly to readers is available upon request. The way this works is the customer pays a retainer based upon estimated shipping and reasonable handling fees for the promotional items. These funds will be used to cover shipping and handling until depleted. If additional funds are required, they will be requested before additional shipments can be made. Remaining funds can be returned via PayPal once all swag has been shipped out.

This option is suitable for international authors, or authors living in rural areas who may not have regular access to shipping facilities.


Once designs have been created, promotional items can be reordered at a discount, as they will require limited design time. Reorders will be cost 10% over the price of the items, or a $10 minimum.